What are the prerequisites for the distance learning courses?

Vegan nutritionist

Our training is for you if you are interested in working independently as a vegan nutritionist and/or as a provider of courses in the field of vegan nutrition. You can find more interesting fields of activity in our magazine article.

The training contents were developed and didactically converted by us in such a way that the entrance can be mastered also without specialized previous knowledge well. What we absolutely require, however, is a great interest in scientific and medical topics. Nutritional science is a very organic discipline, so the desire to research facts independently and in depth is a basic requirement.

In order to successfully complete the training, we recommend an intermediate school leaving certificate. If you are wondering whether the training might be too difficult, too easy, too comprehensive or not comprehensive enough for you, simply take advantage of the free 14-day test phase and form your own opinion.

You do not want to work as a consultant? Then you can still benefit from this training:

You are uncertain whether you really do everything "right" when the press once again rages with horror headlines against the vegan diet? Acquaintances or friends ask you concerned questions, to which you do not know founded answers? With this training you are on the safe side: Scientifically founded nutrient knowledge puts you in the position to nourish you and your family all around healthy vegan.

Are you committed to environmental protection and animal rights and are you a strong advocate of the vegan idea? You would like to be able to argue technically founded, why the Vitamin B 12 problem does not have to be at all none and how a vegan nutrition contributes to the climatic protection? You want to be able to clarify also with all other questions factually, correctly and sovereign? Where others have only an opinion, you have with this training scientifically secured specialized knowledge.

If you are already working in the health, nutrition or prevention sector, you will acquire a valuable additional qualification through this training. This applies in particular to: 

  • Yoga teacher
  • Naturopath
  • health advisor
  • psychological consultants
  • relaxation trainer
  • fitness trainer
  • personal trainers
  • physiotherapists
  • health food store specialists
  • Cooks and chefs
  • and similar professions
Vegan nutrition - continuing education for professionals

"Vegan Nutrition - Continuing Education for Professionals" is suitable for (also prospective) nutritionists, ecotrophologists, dieticians, alternative practitioners, physicians, nutritionists and nutritional physicians.

Vegan nutrition for athletes

The professional training "Vegan Nutrition for Athletes" is designed for both nutritionists and (competitive) athletes. If you are already a vegan nutritionist, this professional training offers you the opportunity to expand your clientele: from amateur athletes to top athletes, you can advise people professionally and individually and accompany them nutritionally on their way to peak athletic performance.

As an athlete, you can also benefit from this specialized training. The knowledge imparted here can help you to maintain and improve your own performance with a plant-based diet. But it's not just about your athletic successes: the focus is always on your health, which is often not given without professional nutritional knowledge, especially during and after tough competition periods.

If you are already professionally active in the sport, you acquire valuable additional knowledge by this specialized advanced training. For your information: The study material is addressed to the consultant in order to ensure a pleasant reading flow.

Vegan nutrition for mother and child

The professional training "Vegan Nutrition for Mother and Child" wants to contribute to the highest possible protection of mother and child. It is aimed at people who are already active as (vegan) nutritionists and/or providers of courses and applications in the field of (vegan) nutrition, as well as interested lay people who want to expand their knowledge in the field of vegan nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood.

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